Red with Wings

Rachelle Mechenbier
Fine Artist

Inside of a
Yellow Rock

Rachelle Mechenbier
Fine Artist

The Round Key
to the Universe

Rachelle Mechenbier
Fine Artist


…the round key to the universe, which is so quick:
come touch the fire of this momentary blue, before its petals wither.

Neruda, Sonnet XXIV


“Exploratory. Genuine. Connected”

- Rachelle Mechenbier


Decadent layers of organic shapes pushing into, against, and within other forms

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Ink & Space

Peaceful explorations of the interplay between ink and water

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Paintings held in private collections.

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Case Study

My work is exploratory, genuine, and evokes connectedness.


My goal is to use my materials (ink, water, lace, found objects, paint, charcoal) to engage with an idea and connect with myself, with the hope that the result connects the viewers more fully to their own experience.  In my newest work, form and line influence one another; organic shapes and floral elements pushing into, against, and within other forms.


I recently rediscovered Pablo Neruda’s love sonnets and have been inspired by the abundance of his imagery and his exploration of love, nature, and mystery.


— Rachelle Mechenbier